Friday, February 3, 2012

Le Genty Magre in Toulouse, France

The food in Toulouse, France is amazing. From things like a simple croissant to escargot everything is fresh and delicious. This city is famous for the sausages, Cassoulets, a type of a stew with beans and meats, and duck.

On the first night in Toulouse we went to Le Genty Magre.

I was really exited about these and for a good reason since they were amazing! The buttery and creamy sauce was very flavorful but not too rich as to overwhelm the escargot. The presentation itself was simple and wonderful because you could see the rich colors, patterns and shapes of the shells. 

Araignee De Mer et King Crab
This came out a little differently then I expected. I was hoping that the crab would be simply cooked but instead it was flash-fried. The sauce was interesting though. It had kind of a beef stew type flavor. All together an unique combination of contrasting flavors. This was a very good dish, but really not my favorite.

Joue De Bauf et Saucisse
Perfect! The beef was so delicate and juicy that I didn't even need a knife to eat it. The famous toulousean sausage was a great accompaniment because it added a differently textured meat. Obviously the sauce was amazing. The entire dish was full of flavors and extremely satisfying. 

Le Confit De Canard
I love duck confit but sometimes it can be a bit too rich. This was not the case here. Even though the creamy sauce looks heavy, it really wasn't. On the contrary, the flavors were somewhat delicate. The duck was cooked to perfection, really soft with a nice golden color.

Le Carpice Glace Au Chocolat
Basically, a chocolate covered ice cream ball with a creamy coconutty sauce. The ice cream itself was very fresh and delicious and the chocolate shell was delicate and crunchy. Such a great refreshing dessert!

Le Tiramisu
Obviously we had to try the tiramisu. The cream was not too sweet and so light that it made the dish almost airy. Just as the glace au chocolat, the tiramisu turned out to be a nicely delicate creation.

Le Madeleines
Ah the madeleines! Amazing French pastry. These were bite sized so obviously they didn't last more than 2 minutes. Even though we were very full at this point we couldn't pass on these amazing pastries. We even considered ordering more to take with us but decided that it might be a bit inappropriate at such a nice French restaurant. 

Overall the food at Le Genty Magre was outstanding and if I have the chance I would definitely go back, especially because they sometimes change the menu based on the ingrediants that are in season. I strongly sujest making a reservation beforehand because this place usually fills up pretty fast.

Le Genty Magre
3 Rue Genty-Magre
31000 Toulouse, France

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