Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cookie Monster Worthy!


On a random evening I suddenly got a craving for a warm chocolate chip cookie. There are some amazing bakeries on the Upper West side and SOHO but I was in the West Village and didn't want to go far. Searching the web I stummbled upon a place called Milk & Cookies bakery. How cute is that! What more could I ask for? A few minutes later I found myself looking into the windows of the bakery, exited to see if the cookies are as good as the reviews said. I ended up getting four different kinds, Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Mint, and Double Chocolate (can you tell I like chocolate?) and a a glass of ice-cold organic milk. Such Happiness! It was exatly what I was hoping for, a scrumptious cookie with melted chocolate chips, made the way a tasty cookie should be. I know there are other wonderful bakeries in the city but I'm convinced that this is the best one in the West Village. If you're in the area, try stop by!


Milk & Cookies Bakery
19 Commerce Street
(212) 243-1640

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