Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dinner at Cherry

There is a luscious Cherry in the Dream Hotel. It's new and there's not much information about it yet so your only choice is to go and experience it for yourself. The atmosphere is a combination of amazing comfort, luxurious space and modern feel. Every table looks special so I'm convinced there's not a bad table in the place. Definitely make a reservation. Current menu is not yet complete. There are several delicious dishes that I wanted to order but alas they are marked as NP, meaning No Price, meaning not available till February 20th. Bummer but there's even more reason to come back now. Get exited, there's a new gem in town.

First choice is BLACK SEA BASS CARPACCIO. Extremely thin and delicate slices of fish simply melted in your mouth. Just the right amount of peppers give it an extra boost. I really think this is the best carpaccio I've had in a while. 

This is an absolute must. FOIE GRAS SHORT RIB GYOZA. So unique and deliciously unusual that you sure to finish them all.  List of ingredients might look a bit complicated for one dish but the flavors go together and complement each other so nicely that you don't experience each ingredient separately, you simply have a delicious gyoza. 

Oh, what to choose next. LOBSTER TACOS it is. Succulent lobster is packed into a hard taco shell. It tastes light and fresh due to the sweetness of the lobster, crunchiness of the taco and the complementing texture of lettuce.  

For something even more unusual and special try the WAGYU BEEF TARTAR. Mix the egg with the meat and spread on lightly toasted bread. It feels like a delicate fresh textured spread. Another must try. 

There are many good roll options. We went with a classic SHRIMP TEMPURA ROLL. Very nicely done. It's not nothing new but was exceptionally fresh and crunch, as it should be. Don't even need soy sauce, just pop it in and enjoy. 

Salmon Belly, Striped Jack and Maguro. I can't say enough about how fresh the food here is and it definitely applies to SASHIMI. I was pleasantly surprised to find that salmon belly was a little grilled on one side, I've never had it like that before. I simply loved it. Other fish was perfect, just the right sized slice as to not overwhelm. Obviously we had to order another round of the exact same selection.

Now for dessert. We just couldn't make up our minds and the only way to fix this problem is to order all. GREEN TEA MOLTEN CAKE was wonderful. Not too sweet and you can actually taste the pleasant green tea. Simple and perfect.

Second was a fruit dessert. Yummy BANANA TART topped with a scoop of airy ice cream and a side of black cherries.  Tasty pastry. 

CHOCOLATE, obviously. Can't do without it. Great mousse consistency, rich tasting layered chocolate was a joy for the eyes and for the mouth. This makes me so very happy!

What a great place. I was actually sad to leave. Could have stayed longer and eaten more food for another hour or so but alas it was late and time to go home. Can't say enough good things. It seems that the BondSt guys have the right formula for amazing all around dining experience. 

355 West 16th Street
New York, NY
(212) 929-5800

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