Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dinner at La Fonda del Sol

I was looking for a dinner spot and turned to, my trusted source or restaurant recommendations. So I found La Fonda del Sol, critic's pick. I love tapas so this was a sure win. I was, however, somewhat disappointed. Ultimately, i did not find the food to be good at all. I mean, it was alright but no where near what I was expecting, especially nymag recommended.

One of the things to try was TUNA TACOS. The tuna did not seem to be that fresh and the entire things was extremely plain. I didn't think tuna tacos were a complicated dish, they are usually hard to mess up. This place managed to do just that. Sad tacos.

It being a Spanish tapas place we had to try SPANISH MEATS and CHEESES. The cheeses were good and the meats were alright. I was expecting a little more from the meat plate, not necessarily just cut up pieces of dried sausage.

Meatballs are usually a must try for me, and LAMB MEATBALLS just have to bee good, right? Wrong. These were so dry and bland that I really didn't feel like having more after one bite. That's a new one for me, not eating all the meatballs.

Lastly there was CHICKEN LIVER PATE. It was a mousse-like consistency and I felt like it lacked actual taste substance. It definitely left me wishing for more flavor.

So here it is. An unexpectedly underwhelming dinner, only good thing about it was the apple tart that we got for dessert. The atmosphere is nice and lively though, good place for a beer or cocktail if you want.  

La Fonda del Sol
200 Park Avenue
New York, NY
(212) 867-6767 

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