Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dinner at Marrow

Newly opened and much hyped Marrow. New place in West Village that must be visited. I stopped by on a Friday night at around 8pm and was not surprised when I got denied. Place was at capacity. Lesson? Make a reservation! So that's what I did, had a lovely meal and an evening of people watching.
Of course we start with a cocktail. There's a good wine list but I'm always curious about what the bar has to offer. Drink one was The Marrow 75. Nice, refreshing cocktail. A little bubbly, which was a pleasant surprise. Number two was The Old Fiend, a more serious drink.
Next comes a great pretzel bread with crispy, salted crust accompanied by honey mustard sauce and olive oil. We went for the mustard over the oil. Good choice. Easy to fill up on this so you have to pace yourself.
Two appetizers. One is FOIE GRAS MOUSSE and the other PROSCIUTTO WRAPPED DATES. Both a win. The mousse was pleasantly airy with a hint of sweetness. Delicious. The dates were a combination of salt and savory. A classic item done right.
A delightful BRAISED BEEF BRISKET BRACIOLE is so tender that it effortlessly falls apart. Polenta soaked up all the juices and was a perfect accomplice to the flavorful dish. All around a yummy and I think a sophisticated creation.
The second main dish was BRAISED DUCK & PRETZEL DUMPLING SOUP, definitely not how I imagined it would look. Not a standard dumpling, it was more of and inside out style. Mushroom and kale broth was very tasty indeed. Not sure I could tell where the pretzel was but either way, very pleasant and delicate.
CHOCOLATE MOUSSE was rich and creamy with light whipped cream and pieces of brittle. Nothing crazy unusual here but it was a great finish to dinner.
I really like this restaurant. Trendy atmosphere inside, big open windows looking out to the West Village streets, delicious food and cocktails, great place all around.

The Marrow
99 Bank St.
New York, NY (212)428-6000 

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