Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dinner at Sotto 13

A new pizza, tapas and cocktails place, what's not to love. I went on a Wednesday so it was a bit empty and we sat in the bar area because it seemed livelier than the dining room. Cute place but the food was sadly not as interesting.

Ah, the CROSTINI. Prescuito, ricotta and fig on crispy toast. It was pleasantly light and fresh but really no different then every other place that has prescuito crostini.

MEATBALLS. I'm just having no luck with them lately. These were incredibly rubbery, hot on the outside and cold on the inside. Wow. How can simple meatballs be such a fail? On the way back from this place we desperately tried to correct the situation of disappointing meatballs by going the Meatball Shop but alas there was a 40 minute wait so decided to pass on it this time. Get it together Sotto 13.

It seems that every Italian restaurant has some version of this PIZZA. Mushroom with truffle oil. There's one word to describe this one: Meh. It really was nothing special, at all. The mushrooms were shriveled up and scarcely tossed, not enough cheesyness and the crust was sort of bland. There was a hint of truffle there but really it didn't add anything interesting to this.

The final insult was the bread. Two dry, stale, and small pieces all wrapped up in random white paper. Seems lazy to me. I get what they were trying to do but it really didn't work.

Overall, this place has potential. The atmosphere works but the food doesn't, yet. Granted they've been open for only two months and looks like they're still trying to figure things out. As of right now I really don't see this place lasting a long time though, but hopefully I'm wrong. 

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  1. Rubbery Meatballs... not a good thing, nor is stale tasting bread. I hate when they put it in the microwave and it turns rubbery too!!

    Sorry you had such a hard time with food. Maybe your next place will be much better!! Lets hope so anyway.

    New follower GFC