Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dinner at Chez Sardine

After many failed attempts, finally was able to visit Chez Sardine for dinner. This small place doesn't take reservations so usual wait is around 40 minutes, so either wait or for better luck go at odd days and times. So exited to see what's all the hype is about.
A pre-dinner snack from the house. I didn't catch the full description but apparently its special type of radish in a miso-honey sauce. Nice crunch and a refreshing taste.

CHOPPED SCALLOP with a quail egg and roe. Light textured and taste. Eat it with one bite, otherwise the egg will go everywhere. It was nice and delicate but nothing too extraordinary but unique, I have to say the combination of ingredients does sound unusual.

More seafood. Had to be EAST COAST OYSTER. Firs off, it's interesting that everything from the sushi bar comes in one, not sure how to feel about that. Exited to see how an oyster with apple and chive oil would be like. Just as the previous chopped scallop, this one was light and refreshing as well. Not oily at all and the apple added a little sweet tartness to the oyster.

Apparently everyone should try the SUSHI RICE BALLS, so I did. Crunchy outside, hot rice on the inside, seems there's not much to it. It was nicely accompanied by the salad with avocado, spicy mayo and tobiko.

I think CHARRED OCTOPUS was my favorite. Full of flavor and texture. Squid was perfectly cooked, melts in your mouth. Plus, bacon, lettuce and tomato, what's not to love. Delicious. Very well done.

Oh my. This was a last minute decision. FOIE GRAS & SMOKED CHEDDAR FILLED CHEESE. Not sure what I was expecting from this. It's very rich and oily, a bit too much for me. The crunch was nice and the melted cheese was good but I think it was the foie gras that made it very buttery. Whatever the reason, it was more than I could handle.
Interesting place and unique recipes but I'm not sure it lives up to the hype, at lease in my opinion.  Definitely an interesting crowd, everyone from hipsters and stylish couples to business men and groups of girlfriends catching up. There's not a defined crowd style so it makes it even better for people watching.
Chez Sardine
183 W 10th St
New York, NY
(646) 360-3705

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  1. For me it looks very lovely and absolutely delicious. Will definitely go when next time in NY.