Sunday, March 31, 2013

Dinner at Mas (la grillade)

I loved visiting Mas. Such a warm and cozy place with very friendly staff and delicious food. Go with Dinner Prix Fixe option.

A little snack before dinner.

I'm a big fan of soups, especially during cold months. I loved Grilled Pear and Sunchoke Soup here. It looks heavy and creamy but it was not at all. Soup was very light, almost froth texture, and amazingly flavorful. Such great combination of ingredients combined into this wonderful plate.

First choice of an appetizer on the Prix Fixe were Grilled Scallops with grilled fennel and cauliflower and aiƶli. Perfectly golden and full of flavor. This was just right.

The other choice was Grilled Wild Striped Bass. Great fish. Hearts of Pal and Hon Shimeji Mushrooms were a perfect accompaniment to an amazing white fish.

Smoked Roasted Duck was amazing. I can't say enought good things about it. Many times duck turns out tough and dry but this was anything but that. It was such a pleasure, scrumptious meat was unbelievable. One of the best duck dishes I've had in a while.

Obviously chocolate dessert. This one was Dark and Milk Chocolate Almond Tart with black currants, almond brittle and awesome Guinness Stout ice cream. A lot going on here. Very creative and unusual combination of ingredients. A yummy treat.

Mas (la grillade)
28 7th Ave S
New York, NY
(212) 255-1795

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Le Restaurant at All Good Things

You will go but most likely you will not get any of the following dishes. The reason is that that the menu changes every single day (they're open Thursday - Sunday only) and it's exclusively tasting menu style. There's a great market store on the main floor that sells vegetables, meats, and cheeses, gelato and hot and frozen chocolate. Everything is local and fresh. That's where the restaurant gets its ingredients and inspirations for the day's menu.

I'm pretty sure that this is absolutely the best way to start dinner. FOIE GRAS WITH CHERRY JAM IN DARK CHOCOLATE. This was accompanied by a shot of port-type drink. Certainly unique and oh so delicious.

SHRIMP CEVICHE. Zesty and delicate. Presentation was pretty special as well. I wish there was just a bit more of it though. Just when I got the taste it was all gone.

WHITE ASPARAGUS WITH MUSHROOMS. Wondrful and light. The mushrooms in an asparagus foam were really tasty. Asparagus itself was just right, not too soft not too hard, simply cooked.

PRETZEL WITH SHORT RIB and mustard. Juicy meat easily falls apart at the touch of a fork. It goes perfectly with the tasty pretzel and the mustard added an extra special level of flavor. This was lovely.

Obviously on the lighter side as well. SCALLOP was big and fresh with wonderful seasonings. A side of crispy radish was a nice contrast to the softness of the scalop. Definitely a yummy plate. Didn't realize this was the main course but alas that was it. I was surprised there was not some sort of a meat dish, especially since I saw wonderful meats at the market upstairs.

Lastly, the dessert. It was a type of marang with a nutty sauce. As everything on the menu it was delicate and light. A bit not my style, I love anything chocolate for dessert, but still a unique sweet dish.

Great restaurant and very creative yet simple dishes. I enjoied the meal but left craving something meaty. After dinner we ended up going for some meatballs, which hit the spot. Overall though Le Restaurant at All Good Things felt special and comfortable. It's nice to visit.

All Good Things
102 Franklin St
(212) 966-3663 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dinner at L'Apicio

Sister restaurant of L'Artusi and dell'anima. Since I like both of these places L'Apicio was definitely one to try. Great atmosphere, cool bar, a couple of comfy lounge couches in the front. It could be good for a drink with friends or a business dinner or a date. All good things.

Start with CHARRED OCTOPUS. This was delicious! The octopus was nice and soft all mixed in with green papers, pepperoni and fregola (a type of pasta), very balanced. The lemon zest added a great kick to the entire dish. Highly recommend this one. Yummy!

GNOCCHI WITH OSSO BUCCO RAGU. Ragu was amazing and gnocchi was delicious I actually thought there should have been more ragu and a little less gnochi. Great classic combination of a pasta and meat. Love the melted cheese on top. Quite a hearty portion so sharing is always encouraged.

Board with POLENTA and BRAISED SHORT RIB. Actually, there is an entire section of polenta inventions. All looked good but it was the short rib that was the right choice for the night. It was terrific. The polenta soaked in sauce from the meat is sure to make you very happy with the choice.

A great place with great food. L'Artusi people have the formula figured out.

13 E 1st St.
New York, NY
(212) 533-7400 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Dinner at Pounds & Ounces

This is a great place. Corner restaurant with big windows looking out at Chelsea neighberhood. Very big bar with huge flower arrangements makes it a fun place not only for a drink but also for interesting food.

First think to try are the mac and cheese croquettes. These are yummy. Cheesy but not overwhelming, I say the proportions of cheese to mac are just right. The sauce is amazing as well. Light, creamy cheese sauce is great on it's own. It perfect for the croquettes.
Fresh tuna pieces with avocado mousse and a hint of spice from srirachaon a crunchy crust. Nice. Great appetizer. Fun to eat because the crispy crust compliments soft tuna giving it a fun texture mix.
I was hesitant to order these because I though the duck might be too dry, which it often is. I was wrong though. This duck was nice and moist mixed with celantro, caramelized onions and bbq sause, but not too sweet. Delicious.

All these things make for a good amount of food and we should have stopped here but...

Fontina cheese melted on top of wonderful meat patty covered by grilled onions and chipotle mayo held by a brioche roll. This had to be finished, and it was. Delicious standard burger. All good things.

I really liked this restaurant. There's modern atmosphere with a very colorful crowd and great food. It's a big place so you're sure to get a table.

Pounds & Ounces
160 8th Ave New York, NY
(646) 449-8150