Sunday, March 31, 2013

Dinner at Mas (la grillade)

I loved visiting Mas. Such a warm and cozy place with very friendly staff and delicious food. Go with Dinner Prix Fixe option.

A little snack before dinner.

I'm a big fan of soups, especially during cold months. I loved Grilled Pear and Sunchoke Soup here. It looks heavy and creamy but it was not at all. Soup was very light, almost froth texture, and amazingly flavorful. Such great combination of ingredients combined into this wonderful plate.

First choice of an appetizer on the Prix Fixe were Grilled Scallops with grilled fennel and cauliflower and aiƶli. Perfectly golden and full of flavor. This was just right.

The other choice was Grilled Wild Striped Bass. Great fish. Hearts of Pal and Hon Shimeji Mushrooms were a perfect accompaniment to an amazing white fish.

Smoked Roasted Duck was amazing. I can't say enought good things about it. Many times duck turns out tough and dry but this was anything but that. It was such a pleasure, scrumptious meat was unbelievable. One of the best duck dishes I've had in a while.

Obviously chocolate dessert. This one was Dark and Milk Chocolate Almond Tart with black currants, almond brittle and awesome Guinness Stout ice cream. A lot going on here. Very creative and unusual combination of ingredients. A yummy treat.

Mas (la grillade)
28 7th Ave S
New York, NY
(212) 255-1795

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