Thursday, March 7, 2013

Dinner at Pounds & Ounces

This is a great place. Corner restaurant with big windows looking out at Chelsea neighberhood. Very big bar with huge flower arrangements makes it a fun place not only for a drink but also for interesting food.

First think to try are the mac and cheese croquettes. These are yummy. Cheesy but not overwhelming, I say the proportions of cheese to mac are just right. The sauce is amazing as well. Light, creamy cheese sauce is great on it's own. It perfect for the croquettes.
Fresh tuna pieces with avocado mousse and a hint of spice from srirachaon a crunchy crust. Nice. Great appetizer. Fun to eat because the crispy crust compliments soft tuna giving it a fun texture mix.
I was hesitant to order these because I though the duck might be too dry, which it often is. I was wrong though. This duck was nice and moist mixed with celantro, caramelized onions and bbq sause, but not too sweet. Delicious.

All these things make for a good amount of food and we should have stopped here but...

Fontina cheese melted on top of wonderful meat patty covered by grilled onions and chipotle mayo held by a brioche roll. This had to be finished, and it was. Delicious standard burger. All good things.

I really liked this restaurant. There's modern atmosphere with a very colorful crowd and great food. It's a big place so you're sure to get a table.

Pounds & Ounces
160 8th Ave New York, NY
(646) 449-8150 

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