Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dinner at el toro blanco


For some time after opening it was impossible to get in to el toro blanco unless you made a reservation days ahead. All the hype was partially due to the fact that it's a new venture by Lure fish bar people. Now, however, it's a bit more approachable. Interior is modern and food and drinks look good, a great formula for a successful restaurant.

First thing first, the cocktails. ROSALITA and RASPBERRY TEQUILA SANGRIA. Look fun and taste great. Obviously all tequila based. Very creative, it's hard to forget that they contain plenty of dangerous taqiuila so keep count.

Classic made to order GUACAMOLE and salsas. Delicious and fresh but not enough. The portion definitely needs to be bigger.

COSTILLAS EMPANADAS were filled with wonderful short rib meat, oaxaca cheese and ancho barbecue on the side. Crispy on the outside, hot and melted on the inside. Good stuff!

There has to be an order of tacos at dinner here. Chicken tacos with sweet and spicy tomatoes, oazaca and avocado are called TINGA DE POLLO. Good choice. Combination of flavors was a great idea but I guess it's hard to make a bad taco with fresh ingredients.

BAJA FISH TACOS are made with your choice of grilled swordfish, charred octopus, or crispy fish. Swordfish was the choice of the evening. Wonderfully fresh fish, lightly grilled and covered by avocado, radish, cilantro, and roasted jalapeño aioli. Nice and light flavors, wonderful tacos.

Last but not least, CAMARONES EN MOJO DE AJO. Seared gulf shrimp, toasted garlic, chorizo, chile, and roasted tomato lobster broth. Lots going on here, many different ingredients and flavors. Shrimp were obviously fresh, covered with amazing broth that was best mixed with rise. Not enough of chorizo though. Overall, a nice and somewhat hearty dish.

el toro blanco
257 6th Ave  
New York, NY
(212) 645-0193

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