Monday, April 8, 2013

Dinner at Manzanilla

Spanish Tapas? I love Spanish Tapas! This place is fairly new so it was exiting to try it. The atmosphere was lively and very pleasant. Service needs a little work though, but maybe it was just our server, so whatever, I had a very nice experience.

This was was OXTAIL BRIOCHE with mushroom and kale. Interesting and definitely unique. Brioche was amazing and the meat was wonderful so this was much fun to try. Very good start.

Saw this plate passing by many times so I had to see why. These CROQUETTES were filled with cuttlefish and squid ink. Oh my. Didn't expect that one. Probably the idea was more exsiting then the dish though. Still an interesting thing to try. Recommend getting it. Don't worry, your teeth will not become black because of the squid ink, there's not that much of it.

Tasty FOIE GRAS TERRINE. Made extra special with caramelized goat cheese and green apple puree. Great combination of ingredients and looks really delicious. No ingredient was overpowering, instead, the flavors and textures worked well together to make this a great thing to try.

Smoked octopus, kindly known as PULPO A LA GALLEGA. A few potatoes and spicy sauce make for a very entertaining dish. This was yummy.

SUCKLING PIG came highly recommended. Meat was really soft and nice. Butternut squash puree and sauteed escarole were pleasantly nice.
Great place with unique food and fun atmosphere. Good stuff!

Manzanilla Spanish Brasserie
345 Park Ave S 
New York, NY

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