Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dinner at ABC Cocina

I'm so exited! Finally, after all this time ABC Cocina is open. It came along after the huge sucess of it's wholesome, ---- sister, ABC Kitchen. After one week, it looks like the business couldn't be better. They're booked up every night. The space is cool, modern and yet delicate, the food is sure to be delicious based on Jean-Georges's record of making great restaurants. Overall a perfect formula for success. A lot of great expectations here.

Drinks? But of course! Light and crisp Sangria sounded perfect. White one is made with wine that's only made for Jean-Georges. Sounds fancy. Great sangria, I especially loved the wine soaked friut. Red sangria was my favorite of the two. Wine had nice spice to it and again, the wine soaked apples were amazing. It was gone before I remembered to take a picture. Another cocktail was a spicy basil jalapeno mix with casa noble anejo. Great kick and flavor. Good stuff.

First thing recommended was the Guacamole. To quote our server "it's banging". How can you say no to that. It was tasty indeed. Obviously the guacamole itself was just right but the addition of peas and sunflower seeds added a unique texture to the smoothness of avocados. If it's not spicy enough there's a jalapegno sauce tableside infused with oranges that pretty amazing.

To start, Mezcal Cured Salmon with cucamber-yogurt relish sounded like a winning choice. Such a light and delicate dish. Salmon was great, not too salty and had a wonderfully soft texture. Yogur and cucumber reminded me of Greek tzatziki. Interesting combination. Definitely a must try.

The tacos were an absolute must. Probably the most inventive and tasty tacos I've tried in a while. Chicken tacos were spectacular, white meat and chepotle sauce made a plain sounding chicken taco extremely flavorful and unique.

Short rib tacos with habanero relish and fizzled onions. Of course the meat was delicate and soft and yet not to the point that it fell appart. Really liked the way habanero relish added tartness and a bit of crunch. Just wonderful.

A simpler bite, the Peekytoe Crab Fritters, were somewhat uninspiring. They were good but not as interesting as all the previousl dishes. Not to worry though, there are gooey spicy ham and cheese fritters that I feel will be delicious next time.

Shrimp were nice but not my favorite. Garlic on top was a nice touch but added some bitterness to the shrimp. Inventive dish and I can see how people would love it but for me it was just okay.

Already too much food but we had to try something from the wood burning grill. Housemade Chorizo Sausage was the choice. Very good. Unexpectidly not very spice but the meat was juicy and soft, a pleasure to eat. 

Now how can we leave without dessert. Surprisingly there was not a good sounding chocolate dish so as recommended we tried the "imposible' flang with vanilla cake on the bottom. Good choice. Light and creamy on a thin vanilla base. Really liked that it wasn't too sugary.

Lastly, to get something cold and refreshing we decided to get Seasonal Popsicles. They were mango, pineapple basil, and chocolate coconut. I thought they would be small, sorbe-type bites but instead were like really traditional posicles. Delicious and refreshing. Perfect! We took them to go though and ate them on the way home. Perfect way to finish an amazing dinner at ABC Cocina. 

Can't wait to come back again really soon. The menu looks amazing. I want to try pretty much everything. So happy for this place.

ABC Cocina
38 E 19th St
New York, NY
(212) 677-2233 

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