Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dinner at Lafayette

Ah yes, Lafayette. New and already widely known for great food and a French bakery, Boulangerie & Patisserie, offering delicious fruit tarts and pastries. If you don't have a reservation go earlier, not later.

These were highly recommended so out come Baked Oyster "Sargent". Honestly I thought they were just okay. Nothing extraordinary here. Fresh oysters with a light lemon sauce and seaweed.

Nice. Brioche was delicious, sweet, soft and lightly toasted and the smooth Foie Gras Terrine was creamy and flavorful. The combination of brioche and foie gras is great, can't go wrong with it. Rhubarb added a special level of tangy flavor. Very nice indeed. 

Spaghetti Ni├žoise was wonderful Full of flavor and textures. Mix it all up, encorporate all the flavors so that each bite is perfect. Haven't had such a delicious pasta in a while. Apparently we looked very happy eating this because newly seated couple asked what it was that looked so good.

Had to add a meat to the order. Looks delicious and it was but fairly standard to a good lamb dish and didn't really stand out as something very unique. Actually, it would have been a huge surprise if lamb at such restaurant was bad. So, no disappointments here.

We took some pastries to go. Perfect treat after a wonderful dinner. They're open for brunch now so that's something to try as well.

380 Lafayette Street
New York, NY
(212) 533-3000

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