Saturday, June 1, 2013

Dinner at Oceana

There's always space available at Oceana. Suppose to be great sea food but I came to find out that it was actually sadly somewhat disappointing. Really expected so much more from such a famous restaurant in the middle of the city.

Oysters, nice and fresh, pretty standard. Lobster good as well. Not enough of it thoug.

Peekytoe Crab Cake. Crab itself was nice but sadly it was extremly fried. Thick crunchy shell was uncessessary. As a result, there was very little of whatever was left of the actual crab. Kind of unsatisfying.

Oh boy, where to stard with this one. Tuna tartar. First off, I've never had tuna tartar with so much oil. Pieces were so oily that you couldn't even taste the tuna so I had no idea if it was actually fresh. What's more, there was some sort of crunchy bread crumbs concoction on top of it. Why it was there I have no ideal. It's like they were trying to cover up this tuna with something that would distract from the taste. To make things even sadder, the entire thing was on a bed of potatoes. Seriously, potatoes? Just as oily as the tuna. Overall, this was pretty bad. I expected so much more from a well known seafood place. Whatever you do, don't get this.

Last dish of the mediocer dinner was mushroom risotto with duck confit. Actually, this was probably the best dish yet. Pretty flavorful. Strange that a dish that has nothing to do with seafood was the best tasting.

I would say you're probably better off getting crab legs at The Standard Grill ( or at my favorite Aquagrill (to come). Those two are definitely the better choice.

120 W 49th St
New York, NY
(212) 759-5941 

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