Saturday, July 13, 2013

Dill Restaurant in Reykjavík, Iceland

Different menu every day. Order all 7, everything is very unique, haven't tried anything like this before. Small kitchen and only about 12 tables, if I remember correctly. A great way to experience inventive Icelandic food. Definitely recommend this splurge in Reykjavík.

Rye bread, sour cream and chives which were picked in the garden outside the restaurant. Geothermic dried bread. Never had anything prepared this way. Not sure if this process added anything special to it but it was light and crispy with full flavor of rye, taste was not lost. Nice snack.

Crispy scallop was probably geothermically dried as well. A bit strange but nice. Pancetta also dried and crispy. Leaf bread with cheese was really nice and creamy. Presentation was unique, try not to eat the lint.

Baked rutabaga (turnip), cheese foam, herbs and sprinkled crispy millet. Great delicate dish, very yummy. Rutabaga was soft but not to the point of being mushy, was just right. Really liked the crispy millet, it added an unexpected crunch to other soft textures.

Parsnip with roe, onions, rye bread and parsley, and an occasional small purple flower. Rye bread crumbles went great with parsnip, they added a bit of bitterness. Lovely presentation, wonderful dish.

Salcify (a root vegetable) and blue mussels hidden in potatoes mousse. Salcify and mousse were great but I would eliminate the mussels. Don't think they added anything extraordinary to the dish. I get where they were coming from, trying to make this interesting but I feel simplicity is better in this case. Egg was a neat touch.

Fried cod with pickled white cabbage, which looks like very cool pasta. Amazing fish, just perfect. Cabbage was crispy and flavorful, went great with soft texture of the cod. One of my favorite dishes of the evening.

Lambs shoulder with carrots. Loved the lamb, definitely not enough of it though. Smaller is better in theory but for such great tasting meat it should not apply. 

Skyr (Icelandic dairy product similar to yogurt) and rhubarb. It seems like rhubarb is everywhere now, it's definitely a neat way to flavor up a dish. This was great, it added a bitter/sour taste to what would otherwise have been a bland skyr. Nice and refreshing. 

No chocolate here but no worries, strawberries and shortcake address the need for sweet at the end of the meal. Yummy strawberries and fluffy cake, delicious.
Dill Restaurant
Sturlugata 5  101 Reykjavik, Iceland
+354 552 1522