Monday, November 4, 2013

Wallflower Bar

So exited for Wallflower. Daniel’s former head bartender genious Xavier Herit has created a wonderful restaurant with amazing drinks and delicious food. It’s very small, only 45 seats, and will inevitably become very popular very soon.

First thing to try is obviously cocktails.

First, and favorite, is Shush. Pineapple & chipotle infused vodka, lime, strawberry and bitters. Light and full of flavor, absolutely perfect cocktail.

Next, is a concoction of spicy jalapeño-infused mezcal, my absolute favorite. Spicy and light, amazingly flavorful. Perfect.

Tete de Mule is mint based and pleasantly unusual in flavor, in a good way. I really liked how it was served as well.

Now for the food. Black sea bass crudo with mutsu apple and seaweed was highly recommended. It was unexpectedly on a milder side.

Next, the oh so wonderful beef tartar. Can't say enough good things about it. Full of flavor, soft and yet textured. Not overwhelming, just pure deliciousness. I liked the containing crispy bread/cracker as well. Very nicely done. 

The sea scallops with savory cabbage, white wine, and smoked caviar were amazing. It's a must order. Perfectly prepared. Cabbage was a dilectable accompaniment, both in texture and flavor. Highly recommend!

Second main was beef shortrib. Not as soft as I was expecting but ever so yummy. Sauce was amazign as well. Yet another must try.

Last but not lease, the dessert. What's better than chocolate musse. Really nice, chocolatty and not too sweet. Perfect temperature and great buttery consistency. One of my favorites. 

I just can't say enough good things about Wallflower! I was hoping for a celicious experience and it's exactly what I got. So exited to go back. Want to try more food and many more creative and inventive cocktails. A great addition to the lovely West Village.

235 W 122th St.,
New York, NY

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