Monday, June 23, 2014

Cherche Midi, New York

Cherche Midi is a new creation by Keith McNally, the man behind NY classics like Balthazar, Minetta Tavern, Morandi, and Lucky Strike. This new venture brings together Shane McBride from Balthazar and Daniel Parilla from Minetta Tevern. It seems Cherche Midi is destined for greatness.  

The space is reminiscent of Balthazar, similar decor and French Brasserie type atmosphere but obviously much smaller. There are socialites, business people, dates and tourists - interesting people from all walks of life it seems. Now, about that food...

Cherche Midi Crudites are green market vegetables and salami. A board of fresh and marinated veggies covered with seasoning and a little bit of oil. I do wish there was more salami though as it was very tasty. Great way to start the meal.

Just look at that homemade brioche. How beautiful it looks. Pan-roasted foie gras is served on a bed of rhubarb. To make the perfect bite, take a generous portion of the brioche, spread foie gras and add a piece of rhubarb on top. The sweetness of the warm brioche tones down the creaminess of the perfectly prepared foie gras and the tartness of rhubarb adds an unexpected and amazing burst of an additional level of flavor. It's all good here. 

Steak tartare is very tasty at Cherche Midi. The meat is obviously perfect and the mixed-in fixings are evenly incorporated throughout the entire serving. This is just wonderful. Don't even need bread for this, just take a fork and enjoy. 

Saddle of lamb is prepared with zucchini, eggplant and basil. Very good dish here. Lamb is exquisitely prepared, it melts in your mouth. Basil sauce is a great compliment. This dish is so full of delicious flavor it definitely deserved a place at your table. 

Lobster ravioli is amazing. Generous on the lobster each ravioli is a burst of flavor. Don't you dare puncture or cut it. Just take one and eat it whole, that way you don't loose any juices. The creamy ginger beurre blanc sauce is light and altogether ideal for the ravioli. It's so nice to actually taste the lobster and not just the dough. This is a must-try. 

Apparently the Keith McNally and his team have spend months trying to invent a burger that would rival the Black Label burger at Minetta Tavern. Obviously have to try this. This prime-rib burger is topped of with bacon marmalade, roasted mushrooms, and gruyère cheese. So much hope and expectations for this. Pleased to say that this is an amazing burger, I mean, how can it not be with bacon marmalade and melted gruyère cheese. Very well done. However, I wouldn't go as far to say that this is better than the Black Label burger. In my opinion it's not. This is definitely worth trying though. 

Oh how I love soufflé! Chocolate soufflé is probably my favorite dessert ever. So happy to report that this one is a sure win! So many soufflés are too sweet, overpowered with sugary taste. This one was chocolaty, not too sweet, perfect consistency and is the most delicious thing ever. I have witnessed a couple order two of these and after, ordered another round. Yes, it's that good. There was also a raspberry soufflé that's waiting for me next time I'm there. 

So exited for this great addition to Keith McNally's empire. This man can do no wrong I tells ya. Can't wait to go back, probably will be there tomorrow.

Cherche Midi
282 Bowery 
(212) 226-3055

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