Monday, July 28, 2014

Dinner at Bâtard

Bâtard has been open for a little while now and has been getting really good reviews. It's about time I visit. It's tasting menu style where you can choose 2, 3 or 4 courses, and it's actually reasonably prices, as compared to others I've seen. Everything looks very interesting so I'm exited to finally try the food.


It must be heirloom tomato season, seems like they are on every menu in the city. Nice and fresh, bursts of flavor. I would venture a guess that this dish is only around for a short period of time so if you're a fan of heirloom tomatoes go sooner than later.

Always up for trying new octopus dishes. Octopus Pastrami was unexpectedly delightful. Braised ham added interesting balance to the dish and I just loved pommery mustard and it's texture. Order this. 

Rabbit Bouillabaisee was just okay. The meas was kind of bland for my taste. Reached over for the Veal Tenderloin to steal some bites instead. The saffron ravioli was pretty great though. So really, the dish would have been perfect without the meat, it really didn't add anything interesting.

I believe the Veal Tenderloin was the winning dish of the night. Meat so tender and juicy, and the thin crust was just the right consistency to keep in all the juices. The fixings were wonderful as well, loved everything about this. The sweetbreads were hard to find but hey no loss here, no one likes too much sweetbreads anyway, they can certainly be overwhelming.

Lime tart. They didn't have key lime pie. That would have been a perfect dessert. This was okay. Good tart but not my favorite. Order if you like lemon based desserts, you'll enjoy it.

239 West Broadway 
(212) 219-2777

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