Friday, September 12, 2014


Navy, a new seafood place in SoHo is a must-try. It's a small place but I hear they will soon expend next door. Have to say that this place is charming and wonderful with it's fresh, crisp seafood flavors, great cocktails, and an occasion celebrity sightings.

Black Bass Crudo was fresh and delicious. The fish was nicely complimented by soft avocado and all covered in citrus on a bed of light yogurt. Great to mix everything up to get the perfect bite each time.

Another win was the Chili Squid. So nice that it's not fried, grilled instead with mixings of green herbs and charred cauliflower. Great presentation with arugula tahini on the side and a pleasure to eat.

Tuna Crudo, similarly to black Bass Crudo, had a great combination of contrasting flavors. Obviously the tuna was perfect and the diced sweet nectarines were such a great addition. Yummy and light yet full of flavor.

Seared tuna with pickled beets, stringed zucchini, and a thin pitta for soaking up the sauce. Expert preparation of of tuna, rare on the inside and pepper seared on the outside. Tart beets went great with the rich fish. It seems all the dishes so far have a mix of great ingredients that somehow form a unified delicious food experience.

Carrots were a bit oily but that did not distract us from devouring the entire plate within minutes. Soft, sweet carrots tossed with squash blossoms and herbs. Great side dish.

And yet another solid choice are the cucumbers. Usually never order cucumbers, I mean, how flavorful can they be? But, since all the food has had such a great feel so far then this should be equally as nice. The cherries and pine nuts gave usually bland cucumbers a wonderful flavor kick.

I really like how Navy pairs it's fish with citruses. This Striped Bass Vera Cruz prepared with heirloom tomatoes and crushed almonds was no exception, just as surprisingly awesome as all the other dishes.

Yes, there has been a lot of food on this table but how can you not save room for dessert. I just can't pass up a chocolate mousse. Simple, just as it should be. Loved the splashes of fresh cream. 

If you are bored with standard fish dishes then dinner at Navy is the way to go. The menu changes all the time so you will constantly be surprised by new inventions from the chef.

137 Sullivan Street
New York, NY