Monday, October 13, 2014

White Street Restaurant

White Street has been getting a lot of press since it opened last month. Seems like it has to be a hit with a well known chef and restaurantours behind it. My visit on opening night gave mixed feelings about the place though. Granted the space is big and beautiful, modern and impressive. The food, however seemed a bit uninspired. It almost felt like a bunch of random dishes that have nothing in common, not really a consistent style. Some things were good but not sure if it lives up to all the hype.

Generous crabmeat cocktail. Good crab but sort of bland, not much else going on here, no flavor kick. Either way, one of the better things we tried. 

Hamachi tartare was good. Fish was very fresh, nice and light. This one is good as well.

Braised beef short ribs. So much going on here. Sloppy pileup of ingredients on top of actually very good beef short ribs. Not sure why the fries need to be on top at all. A bit of a mess this one, beef gets lost. Very good meet but too much going on. Not my favorite at all.

This one is a fish, randomly crusted. Tamarid glaze was nice and the actual fish was good, but this, like other dishes here, seems to try too hard to be something creative and as a result, the flavor is lost in everything else that's going on.

On to dessert. Chocolate mousse cake with hazelnut praline and ice cream. It's okay. Wish there was more mousse and less praline which seems to be all that's there. Really liked the dark chocolate on top, but was hoping for more. Overall, good not great dessert.

Not sure what to think about the dinner. Looks like the place is still trying to figure things out and try out the dishes. I think they need to simplify the preparation and focus on the main ingredient as oppose to trying to add so much stuff to every dish that you don't really get the full taste of anything. Cocktails were good though, very nice bar program. I would be curious to try this place again in a few month and see how things are then but as of now, I don't think this place is that good, especial compared to so many other amazing restaurants it that area - Distilled, Tamarind, atera (none like it), Bouley, and Locanda Verde.  

White Street
221 West Broadway
New York, NY
(212) 944-8378