Sunday, January 25, 2015


As one might expect, if a restaurant is new and has a good team behind it, Chef Justin Sillie formaly of Il Buco Alimentari, it's imposible to get a reservation. In this case, no reservation leads to dinner at the bar (finally after about 30 minutes the people infront of us paid their bill and the bar stools were all ours). Bar seats are the best at new restaurants I feel because that's where you can see the crowd best and chatt with the bartender about all that is the restaurant. So exited to eat at Upland, at last.

This pear pizza was a great starts. Lots of flavors here, a wonderful balance of textures between the stracciatella, pear, and arugula. Pecan pesto and balsamic added an extra zest. A bit too much crust though but I guess that's what keeps all the ingredients nicely contained. If you love pizza I say you should give this one a try for sure.

This was a tasty surpirse, after all, I've never actually tried celeriac before. It's slow roasted and covered with black truffle butter. Oh so good. The texture is almost that of a potato but less starchy, a bit crunch and fresh. It does seem a bit oily but it doesn't taste this way. Unusual, unique and delicious.

Beef tartare is prepared with black trympet mushrooms and covered by puffed farro. Anchovy and egg yolk on the side mix very well with the meat. It's very tasty but nothing too crazy.

I like wings and I like duck, and I love these here crispy duck wings. Fall-off-the-bone soft, juicy, all cooked with great tasting chili paste called yuzu kosho. I bit salty but still that doesn't deter from the dish. If wings are your thing then definitely try this fancy take on them.

There's a lot going in in the upland cioppino. Clams, mussels, striped bass, honah crab and a big red shrimp to top it all off. Everything is mixed in with gochujan, Korean red chili paste, which makes the broth taste amazing. Loved this dish. It's good to share.

This unusual creation was at almost every table so naturally it appears here as well. It's a whole crispy hen of the wood mushroom with herbs, on the drier side. Fun texture, a good side dish but doesn't blow away with flavor.

No room for dessert this time. I'm sure it's as creative and delicious as all the other dishes here. Next visit for sure!

I loved the food and the lively atmosphere, although as expected it's was a bit of a shit-show with lots of people. Even at 11pm on a Tuesday this place is hopping. I don't see the hype dying down anytime soon though, the food is great amazing. Go!

345 Park Avenue South